Neddy Dingili graduates on July 12, 2008 from Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology with a Master’s Degree in Christian education. Neddy’s passion is working with youth and children and her particular area of interest while a student was AIDS orphans and the role of the church in AIDS education and care of AIDS infected and affected people.

    Neddy is the wife of Nixon Dingili, the national superintendent of the Free Methodist Church Kenya, and the mother of two children, a boy (Leslie, 9) and a girl (Kelsie, 4).


Neddy is a gifted communicator and leader and will excel at whatever tasks are assigned her. Currently she heads up the Ministry to Children Department and teaches the youth at Karinde Free Methodist Church. Also she serves as the Director of the Kenya Free Methodist Modular Bible School. It is always her desire to serve Jesus Christ as she has made him Lord of her life.


Congratulations Neddy. I am proud to be your friend and colleague.  A special thank you to all who have supported Neddy in her endevours to prepare for effective ministry.

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One Response to Congratulations

  1. Don and Lenora Spears says:

    We add our congratulations to Neddy! And what a great picture of a beautiful lady! Our thoughts and prayers are always with our friends in Kenya. Just this week we were reminiscing through our memorabilia and came across Neddy and Nixon’s wedding picture!

    Love, Don and Lenora

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