Cathy’s Wedding


On Saturday, July 12 my youngest sister was married to Rob Armstrong.  Kira (Cathy’s daughter) who was the flower girl, was a sweetheart in her dress and knew how to draw “just enough attention” and Tracy, my niece who was the maid of honour was beautiful.  Cathy was stunning. 

sisters & sisters-in-law of the bride

The members of the Hogeboom family are emotional by nature and it didn’t help when Dad had a “hard time giving the bride away”.  That started us all crying — many were the tears of joy!!  It was really a big family celebration from start to finish, even during the picture taking since we have so few opportuties for us all to be together.

Rob did a great job picking the menu for the reception dinner.  Craig brought humour as he told some “interesting stories” and Marilyn’s rendition of “For all the Rob’s I’ve Known Before” brought laughter and helped us to appreciate the Rob that Cathy has found to be her life partner.  Kira welcomed Rob into the family as her “new dad” while, Linda, Rob’s sister spoke for the Armstrong family in welcoming Cathy to the family. 

 When it came time for the tossing of the bouquet, my brother Paul attempted to stand behind me so that if he caught the bouquet, it would by default go to me — alas the bouquet went to the other side of the group of future bride hopefuls — my brother insists that the whole affair was rigged. 

When we came out of the reception hall, it was pouring rain — Rain on the wedding day is a sign of blessing.  May it be so!  Congratulations Rob and Cate Armstrong.

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2 Responses to Cathy’s Wedding

  1. Maureen Adams says:

    Congrats Cathy!- You deserve the best and sounds like you’ve got him! Looking forward to meeting Rob.

    Great write-up Debbie, thanks for the update on what’s happening with you and Kenya news.

    Love & Prayers,
    Maureen A.

  2. Susan says:

    Debbie, Your haircut is SHARP! Love your soft, summer yellow dress too! See you when I see you be it in ’08 or ?

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