Cataract Surgery Update

A date for cataract surgery has been set for August 19.  There are a number of pre-surgery appointments beginning today with a visit to my family doctor, and tomorrow, to have my eyes measured at the hospital for the lenses that will be implanted.  I need to report to the hospital the day of the surgery at 7a.m so am trying to work out the best way to be in downtown Toronto at that time.    The nurse receptionist assured me that I would be able to return to Kenya on September 30.  Praise the Lord that only one change needed to be made to my ticket.  Thank you for continued encouragement from many who have already had this surgery and continue to pray for the working out of necessary travel logistics.

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One Response to Cataract Surgery Update

  1. Keith Lohnes says:

    Congratulations to Cathy and Rob. May the Lord be your guide in your life-long journey together.

    Keith and Gael Lohnes

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