Plans to Return to Kenya

encuraging the Samburu church

Encouraging the Samburu church

I have confirmed my flight for September 30 and am now making preparations to be on that flight.  I have had a busy 6 months and look forward to the opportunities that present themselves in Kenya.  I know it will be a busy time as Annual Conference will be at the end of November.  I have had a great time visiting churches throughout Ontario and would have liked to have gone further but time would not permit this time.  Thank you to all the churches where I had opportunity to share what God is doing in Kenya.  Thank you to those who I have not had the opportunity to visist but who continue to be faithful in prayer and financial support.  Thank you for your prayers while home and when I was in Kenya and as I return.  I invite you to continue your partnership with me.  The development of Bible School property in Eldoret is the “big project” that is on the burner and your support for this has already been shown and I trust will continue as we move ahead.  God has great plans for the training of men and women in Kenya at Living Waters Training Centre (named for the natural springs on the property).

At the first opportunity I hope to visit our Samburu churches.  I will keep you posted so that you will be able to pray as we visit these Christians in a difficult remote area.  There are 3 churches with about 20 people each in an area that is unreached.

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