Digging Rocks

A team of 10 men and 2 women came to Eldoret to dig rocks at the Bible School property — well, not quite — the women carried water from the river and prepared chai (tea) and lunch for the men.  There are LOTS of ROCKS which are being broken into gravel by hand to provide balast when it is time to dig the foundation for the buildings.  This helps to cut the cost.  Realizing that the Kenyans would not have the resources to build the school complex but wanting them to take ownership, 2 Kenyan initiatives were put in place so that the Kenyans have an integral role in  developing the property — and they have been eager to do so.  Kenyans are participating in Kenyan workteams and Buy a Brick for the Bible School.  As one pastor said, “we may not have financial resources but we have the ability to work and the time.  Praise God!

Last weekend a Saturday kid’s club was started with 7 children in attendance and on Sunday we had an “old grandmother” – Gogo.  She left after the service eager to report to her neighbours about the new church in the community and to invite them for next Sunday.

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