Springs of Hope College

The name for the proposed Bible College to be located at the property (Leberio) near Eldoret, Kenya was approved at the Kenya Annual Conference held at the end of November.  Springs of Hope College will be affiliated with Hope Africa University in Burundi.  SoH College will service Kenyans in training for church ministry at the certificate and diploma levels.  Students who do not qualify for diploma  will be able to complete a certificate level through the modular program which will be redesigned from a 2-week 3 times a year program to a 3-week  – 2 times a year program over a period of 5 years.  This new design will allow for more “meat”.   Also,  students who qualify will be able to enter the 3 year diploma program in an upgrade as they prepare for ministry in the church and community.    As well students having attained at least a high school leaving certificate students will be eligible for direct entry into the  dipoma program.  Studetns who  complete the diploma program and who qualify may attend Hope Africa University in Burundi to earn a bachelor’s degree. 

The name “Springs of Hope College” is derived fromthe many springs on the property and the “mother school”, Hope Africa University in Burundi.  Bringing hope for the future. 

We are looking  for interested persons and churches who will partner with us.

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