“The Kenya we Want”

Today a conference  opened in Nairobi,  Kenya.   A delegation from Kenya’s elite,  diplomats who interact with the Kenyan government and representatives of business  interests are meeting together for the purpose of vision casting with a goal of moving forward into an ambitious plan of economic and social reform.  The theme for the conference is “The Kenya we Want”. 

Media televised the morning proceedings, opening speeches and local entertainment to launch the conference.  This effort got me thinking — What is the church we want, then — what is the Church God wants?  I came to a sobering conclusion that too often we are in need of vision casting to move forward into a plan of spiritual and personal reform!  A month ago God spoke to me in a very clear and profound way — “I don’t know how, but there is power when I am on my knees” and that the way forward is God’s way and that we need to be praying that hearts to be transformed by the Holy Spirit and that lives reflect this heart transformation in their everyday situations.    I know from the reports coming back from  the Burundi General Conference that God is working in his leaders and in his people.  Let us consider the church that God wants — one empowered by the Holy Spirit, a church characterized by love and unity and one that desires more than anything that souls come to a saving knowledge of Jesus and an ever-growing relationship with Him.   A church whose priorities include  bringing people to Christ and providing the means by which all people will develop and grow in their personal and practical faith.  A church under the guidance and direction of spirit-filled leaders who are motivated by a love for Jesus and and a desire that their lives and his church exemply His character.  This is my prayer for Kenya.

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