Big Days

Many people literally around the world have been praying since the beginning of this year for the transformation of hearts and lives. I believe that God is answering these prayers. I continuously am hearing of how God is, in fact, changing lives. Praise the Lord! The battle is not over but we can be encouraged that “the battle is the Lord’s”.

On March 30-31, Kenyan Free Methodist pastors and delegates will meet to establish the Kenya General Conference and two Annual Conferences. At this time a bishop will be elected as well as 2 Annual Conference Superintendents. I believe that the outcome of these days will determine the direction that the Free Methodist Church in Kenya will take in the days ahead. God has laid it on the hearts of many to pray diligently for the leadership of the Kenya Church. The present national superintendent, whose office will be discontinued at the time of the election of the bishop, has called for a day of prayer and fasting for March 29. Many Kenyan Free Methodists are rallying to pray for the events of March 30 and 31. If God should lay it on your heart, join us in prayer.


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2 Responses to Big Days

  1. Ron Snider says:

    Thank you for your encourageing and challenging words. Your memories of time spent working with the children in Canada are a reminder to me that our efforts for the Lord are never in vain and will always accomplish what the Lords intends.

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