Consecration of Bishop Dingili


                                                                                          July 19 was a day of celebration as Rev. Nixon Dingili was consecrated as the first Kenyan Bishop of the Free Methodist Church Kenya. This day also marked the initiation of the Kenya Provisional General Conference. Bishop of the Burundi General Conference, Dr. Elie Buconyori officiated in the proceedings of the day and remarked that Kenya was now on its way to autonomy and challenged the congregation to allow themselves to be led by their bishop, to pray for him and to support him.

The service began with a procession led by annual conference and district superintendents followed by Bishop Dingili and his wife, Neddy then Bishop Elie Buconyori with his wife, Joy.

 There was much joyful singing led by a group of youth from the Nairobi/Central District. (No one wanted to stop singing). Words of congratulations were brought from representatives of Burundian and Rwandan delegation and Free Methodist World Missions.

Kenya had been an Annual Conference of the Burundi General Conference. A large delegation, including the members of the BOA, showed by their attendance their support of the steps that Kenya was taking toward self-governance.

  Bishop Dr. Elie Buconyori of Burundi assisted by Bishop Samuel Kainamura of Rwanda consecrated Bishop Dingili and pronounced him as the new Bishop of the Kenya Provisional Conference amid cheers from the congregation. No Kenyan celebration is complete without a cake which was cut and passed to the joyful crowd. Then processions of well wishers danced and sang their way in African style to the podium to make their presentations of gifts to the new bishop.

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6 Responses to Consecration of Bishop Dingili

  1. Marilyn says:

    Sounds like you were blessed with a great day – congratulations to Nixon and Neddy and their family.

  2. Keith Elford says:

    Thanks for posting this account of the day’s celebrations and for the pictures. I wish that I could have been there.

  3. David Kendall says:


    thanks for posting news of the great occasion. It would have been wonderful to be there. Laovne and I will be in Kenya for a day or so this week and look forward to greeting our new Bishop and his wife. Blessings to all there!

    David Kendall

  4. Dianne & Keith Byrd says:

    Great Website! I have added it to my favorites.

  5. Congratulations, Bishop Ndingili! I do wish we could have been there. We will pray for God’s grace to surround you and lead you as you lead the church. Don’t forget to listen! Keep humble, and you will be great. God be with you, brother. Henry & Bonnie Church

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