Drought Situation

 Last week I witnessed firsthand the effects of the drought as I travelled from Eldoret to Nairobi.  Wheat fields are golden brown but the wheat has grown to only one foot high while stocks of corn have dried up before reaching maturity.  

The local news reports that thousands of cattle are being taken to abbatoirs to sell at very cheap prices before they die of thirst and hunger. 

A woman fainted from hunger in front of a government minister who was making a speech before a food distribution effort in one of the more drought stricken areas.

Power is being rationed in most of the country because the rivers where power is generated are so depleted of water.  Many parts of Nairobi have had no water for a month or more.

This is the 2nd harvest this year that has been devastated by drought — Millions of people are hungry.  One of our pastors said that in their area the last time they saw rain was 2004! 


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One Response to Drought Situation

  1. Earnie &Sandi Brandow says:

    Thanks for this update. In Saskatchewan we have a small idea of what drought is. But we cannot know how bad yours is. Thank you for this excellent update on your work, with good pictures also.
    Our Missions Committee at First Free Methodist includes Pastor Wade, Alan Guenther (Chair), Dave & Janet Schock, Garland Campbell,
    and ourselves.

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