Simple but lovely – Pamela and William’s Wedding



With this ring ...
With this ring …
I do ...
I do …

Too often, couples of various ages decide that having a “conventional” wedding is too expensive, what with dowery to be paid by the young man to the bride’s family, hiring of vehicles, cake, all the brides-maids and groomsmen not to mention the wedding gown, they opt for living together as husband and wife until such a time as they can afford a “real wedding”.  From the start, when Pamela and William expressed their desire to legalize their marriage, they said we want it to be simple. 

The wedding was part of the Sunday service on October 18 at the Leberio Free Methodist Church.  The couple worshipped with the rest of the congregation and when it came time for William and Pamela to exchange vows,  Rev. Martin  Anami called them forward with the witnesses to the front of the church.   William couldn’t stop smiling and Pamela was shy, or so it seemed.   Many people were literally squeezed into the little mud church building to witness the event.  There was a sense of anticipation throughout the service and ceremony even as Bishop Nixon Dingili preached on Christian marriage. 

The service ended with cutting the cake and giving of gifts.  My prayer is that others will learn that a wedding can be beautiful and meaningful without all the fanfare and expense — William and Pamela’s is a testimonry to that.                                                                       

this cake is goodChurch women present gift                               Presenting the couple as husband and wife
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One Response to Simple but lovely – Pamela and William’s Wedding

  1. Wannett Reynolds says:

    I read an article that said every couple wanting to get married should speak to couples that have been married for either a few or many years. They should ask what those couples would change about their wedding. Most answers were very similar… “I’d make it a simple wedding”.
    I feel the same way and I thought I was going simple at the time.

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