2009 in Review

"Shepherds visit the baby Jesus"


Consecration service


Let your light shine


 What a year it has been!  When I was a little girl at camp, my counsellor wrote in my autograph book (no e-mail then), “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding.”  I decided to take that as my life verse from Proverbs 3:6.  It is a good verse to hold onto because surely, through all the ups and downs of life, we must trust in God who is faithful to lead us. 


Jan. 2  While driving through town to meet someone, I was sideswiped by a “lorry” – big truck, which continued on its way.  I was able to drive to the police station to report the hit and run accident but because it was a Friday afternoon (4:45p.m.) on a holiday weekend I was unable to contact anyone from my insurance company.  I was afraid to drive my car far because the front wheel had been damaged.  I decided to stay home on Sunday, actually not knowing how I would get to church.  I put the earbuds in to listen to  the music on my i-pod and almost the first song that was playing was by Nicole C. Mullen – “When I’m on My Knees”.  The words, “I don’t know how, but there is power, when I am on my knees.  The words came powerfully to my heart and mind and I was reminded of an -email I had received about the importance of transformation.  I felt that God was speaking to me to pray for transformation and to enlist others also.  (By the way, I continue to pray).  I was without a car for almost a month.        

 March 31   Elections for bishop were held and Rev. Nixon Dingili was elected as Bishop for the newly formed Kenya Provisional General Conference of the Free Methodist Church.  As well, two new annual conferences Trans-Africa and Highlands with annual conference superintendents Martin Anami and Hawkins Mugaya elected respectively.    

May 14  I had cataract surgery on my left eye.  I am still not used to being without glasses, having worn them since grade 6!  But I am thankful for the improvement in my sight.       

 May 24  Attended the wedding of my nephew, Greg Hogeboom to Megan Clark          

cutting the cake


June 24 -27  Pastors’ Wives Seminar in Meru for Highlands Annual Conference   July 8-11  Pastors’ Wives’ Seminar at Koitabut for Trans-Africa Annual Conference.  What a blessing and wonderful opportunity to interact with these women, many of whom I didn’t know since most of my contact is with their husbands in Bible School and ministry events at various levels.         

July 20-24  I had been sick from the previous Friday but when I went to the hospital on Saturday I was given medication and sent home.  However, on Monday evening my neighbour ( a former student) came to see me and insisted that she take me to the hospital – I hadn’t eaten since Friday and had a terrible persistant cough.  After checking me for malaria, they came the conclusion that I had Swine Flu and I was hospitalized in the isolation unit.  As it turned out, I didn’t have Swine Flu but I was diagnosed and treated for pneumonia.          


July 26  A day after being released from hospital and still under treatment for pneumonia, I flew to Nairobi to attend the consecration of Nixon Dingili, the first Kenyan Bishop of the Kenya Provisional General Conference.           

a big welcome at Leberio


September 17-25  We had the great privlege of welcoming visitors from Canada, Rev. Dan Sheffield, Rev. Kim Henderson, ICCM Canada Director, Paula Moriarity, Caroline Deyo and Wannett Reynolds.  A select group of pastors attended an Urban Church Planting Consultation in Nairobi while others visited Child Care Schools in Kibera and Kawangware along with visiting their own sponsored children.          


October 7-10  I travelled with Supt. Martin Anami and Pastor Shem Macheyo to conduct a Sunday School Teachers’ Training in Kisii parish.  While teaching the various alternative methods (rather than just repetition and rote memory) we had the S.S. teachers divided into groups to try out the new techniques.  One particular group amazed us as they taught a Bible story with several verses of the story in song which they had just composed!          

November 19-21  I attended the first meeting of the Trans-Africa Annual Conference.  God’s presence and guidance was evident and we trust that this year, 2010 will find pastors and church leaders working to see God’s kingdom move forward.  A new pastor was appointed to Leberio, where I will be assisting.          

December 25  What a wonderful celebration of Jesus’ birthday! and first year anniversary of the Leberio local church!  Invitations had been sent to everyone in the community to join us in the celebration and families took turns in singing, Scripture recitation and the children presented a wonderful drama of the Christmas story with their own unique interpretations.          



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