Me? A Builder?

Me? A builder??

I teach during most sessions of the Kenya Free Methodist Modular Bible School.  Currently the school sessions are conducted for 2 weeks in the months of April, August and December  when the regular schools are not in session  The modular Bible School serves to train pastors and leaders in the church.  This program is being modified to include more practical courses and to increase the number of required sessions or class hours.

We have been using the Kericho church and primary school for the Bible School sessions but we look forward to the time when we can move to Eldoret.  This brings me up to today!! 

I never imagined that I would be putting time in talking to architects, structural engineers or contractors but this week has found me in these offices several times!  In anticipation of a work team from Athens which will be coming to Kenya in April this year, we have begun the process of engaging experts in the building field.  Recently, some buildings in Kenya have collapsed because self-professed contractors and architects whose work was not in line with the prescribed building codes resulting in destruction and in death of individuals.   We are being very careful to follow the correct procedures.  Things are moving fast and I praise the Lord that we have been able to engage a Christian architect who understands the needs and problems of a mission organization who is trying to raise funds and build at the same time.  He knows how we need to move in steps of building phases.  Early next month we hope to begin the foundation of the first building or first phase which will begin as the Bible School but later become a guesthouse.  I was overwhelmed at the cost of construction but I guess when you compare to a similar structure in Canada, one would consider it to be quite “reasonable”.     This is our most urgent need.   I will soon begin a strategy to raise funds.  Don’t be surprised to hear from me in the near future.  I’ll even provide pictures.

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2 Responses to Me? A Builder?

  1. Keith says:


    It is exciting to see the project under way for the Bible School. As it turned out, most of the theological books we sent to you with Dan were shipped at no cost, so we expect to have more funds from Bramalea Free Methodist Church to help with the school library, cupboards or shelves for the books, etc.


    Keith & Gael

    • dhogeboom says:

      Keith and Gael,
      Greetings from Eldoret. Today was amazing as Bishop Dingili, the two annual conference superintendents and all but 2 of the 9 district superintendents came for the official ground breaking. Thank you for your contribution. The Bishop was very happy with the books that were sent. Pass our greetings to the Bramalea Church.

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