Rocks in Plenty

blessing in disguise


Rocks and more rocks!

A team of 9 men from Western District (and one from North Rift) converged at the Bible School property on Monday to make “the road straight” to where the construction of the 1st phase of the Springs of Hope College will begin, hopefully, on Monday. February 1.  The concept of Kenyan work teams is new but the idea has caught  on and while hard at work, the men have the opportunity to share in the work together realizing that they are participating in a work project that will have Kingdom benefits.  

The road building task involves moving lots of rock that have to be dug out of the ground.  The rock is a blessing in that it can be made into gravel for use in the various stages of construction.  It would be much more costly to buy the gravel and have it transported to the site but it doesn’t come without challenges and hard work.  We thank God for rock.  

Funds are insufficient at the moment for the completion of the building project but we are told … “if we have faith as a mustard seed”.  I believe I have that much faith.  God started this project, he won’t quit now.

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