Bishop prays for building project

Sunday, January 31 marks an historical point in the development of Springs of Hope College.  We have been talking for the last 3 years of Bible School property and building until people have started to believe that it was only a myth of an impossible dream.   Bishop Nixon Dingili led the ground-breaking service at the Leberio property (near Eldoret), with Annual Conference Superintendents, Hawkins Mugaya (Highlands) and Martin Anami (Trans-Africa) and all but 2 of the District Superintendents.  The local Leberio FM church joined in the celebration following the morning worship service.

This building project is the beginning of the 1st phase of a 3 phase structure that will serve as the initial Bible school (Springs of Hope College)building.   Springs of Hope is so named because of the many springs located on the site and hope reflecting the hope for the future of the church as young men and women,  both pastoral and lay, are trained for service.  Springs of Hope College will be affiliated with Hope Africa University in Burundi.  Currently a modular Bible School operates to train pastors in a program for 2 week sessions in the months of April, August and December.  The residential Bible School in Eldoret will allow the program to expand to include a 3 year diploma program.  Students who qualify may then continue to finish the degree program at Hope Africa University.  The modular program will continue, integrated with TEE, to train pastors who would not qualify or find it difficult to study full time at a residential school.

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  1. Keith and Gael Lohnes says:


    These developments are exciting and a real answer to prayer. Thanks for keeping us updated. Mungu akubariki.

    Keith and Gael

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