Athens Work Team

Karibu Kenya!

Bringing the last of the mattesses


The Athens Work team made up 11 people will leave Canada on March 31 and arrive in Nairobi on April 1.  For some,  this will be their 2nd mission trip but for most, this will be the 1st.  As the team finishes up last-minute preparations, I in the meantime, have been getting everything ready to welcome them to Kenya and more particularly to Eldoret.   Some of the team will be conducting a 5 day VBS based on the Scripture, Ephesians 6:10-18 with the theme “Putting on the Armour” while the rest of the group will be putting up the walls of the first phase of Springs of Hope College.  The day after arriving in Kenya, as we pass through Nakuru, we will have the opportunity to visit Nakuru Game Park and hopefully see some the wild game that make the park their home.   

Easter Sunday will be celebrated at the Leberio Free Methodist Church followed by a week of ministry (building and VBS).  Each week the team will be joined by men who will work alongside the Canadians.  The weekend of the 10-11th of April, we will travel to western Kenya to participate in a youth rally and again, a day long VBS.  The team will be divided into 4 groups to attend and participate in 4 different Free Methodist Churches then travel back to Eldoret for a 2nd week of ministry at the Springs of Hope College building site.  The last Sunday will be spent in worshipping in various churches in the Nairobi area before boarding their flight for home.  KARIBU KENYA!

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One Response to Athens Work Team

  1. Randy Haw says:

    Nice work team. I am proud of all of you and your kingdom work.

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