watching in anticipaton

Anticipation was high today as even more people came to see the drilling rig in action.  Yesterday, they dug to a depth of 125 meters through solid rock – the air was full of dust from the rock!  The foreman on the rig’s team predicted they would strike water between 125 and 130 meters and so it was, water was found (in abundance) at 127 meters.  Furthermore, I was told that the intake would be 10,000litres/hour.  He was thrilled as he told me that this well was the most productive of any he had ever drilled.  Praise the Lord!  Springs of Hope College will never run out of water!!  Let it be so with the Living Water ever springing up!    


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4 Responses to Water! IN ABUNDANCE!!

  1. Nixon Dingili says:

    Praise the Lord for the “springs of Hope” at the Bible school property. May this flow into the lives of His people

  2. Debbie says:


  3. Keith Lohnes says:

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Wonderful news !!

    Keith and Gael Lohnes
    Brampton, Ontario

    • Melanie Richards says:

      Greetings from Saskatchewan! We’re following the progress with our prayers and anticipation! I’ve made power point presentations of your pics and ‘story lines’ for the ‘kids time’ during our church service. And we have a Sunday School room dedicated as a “Missions Room’ with photos of Kingdom workers around the world. Being the ‘missions person’, C.E. director and only Sunday School teacher, I take all the opportunities I can to share with the kids God’s servants in action “today”. Even our 5 year-old student knows that kids in Africa are kids just like him and that you can’t just send a bunch of money to Africa to ‘save the world’. He, and all of our small group, through following stories like yours, have learned that it takes many, many people doing many different kinds of work to help build God’s Kingdom in so many different practical ways. And at the same time, of course, it helps bring up to date the thinking of our whole congregation. Thanks for sharing your work via the internet! Blessings!

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