Constitution at any Cost

God is at work.  Some politicians are seeking a new constitution at any cost.  The proposed constitution is problematic with glaring contradictions and clauses that are open to individual interpretations.  Even proponents of the “YES”  side admit that there are flaws in the document that is to be brought to referendum vote  in August, stating that once passed, it  can be amended.   However a statement early in the document states that the constitution may not be challenged in court or any government organ so where does that leave the contentious issues which threaten to divide the country?  Furthermore, an amendment process is outlined in the constitution but the earliest the process of amendment can be started is after the 2012 election beginning with a petition signed by one million registered voters, passed by a regional council and then moving from there to other levels.  The process can be defeated at any stage, making it virtually impossible to amend.  Contentious issues include: legalizing abortion (allowed for the sake of the health– not life — of the mother and on the advice of one health service provider — any one, not necessarily a doctor), Kadhis court (Islamic courts), and land laws that are unclear and discriminatory.   The church stands together to oppose the constitution in its present form and the “NO” side is gaining momentum throughout the country.  Today a bill was tabled in parliament to delay the referendum until the proposed constitution has been changed to eliminate inconsistencies and contentious issues.  The Free Methodist Church has set aside every Wednesday for prayer and fasting for God’s will to prevail and that whatever the outcome, that Kenyans will remain united and continue with love the ministry of reconciliation that they have been given.

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