Wear White for Peace

Campaigning is over and the referendum is set for tomorrow.  Both “yes” – green and “red” – no, met this afternoon to unite on the issue of peace that regardless of the outcome, a new constitution or no, back to the drawing board, this nation would stand as one united nation.  For the past number of weeks as Kenya geared up for this referendum, the colours of red and green were everywhere to be seen to remind people of how they should vote.  However, on the eve of the election, no one wants a repeat of the post election violence that tore this country apart in 2007-2008.  The roofless, gutted buildings that I passed as I traveled today to Nairobi were a stark reminder of those terrible days.  Politicians and church leaders have told people today to abandon their red and green clothes to don white for peace.  “Wear white for peace.”

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2 Responses to Wear White for Peace

  1. Reg Garratt says:

    I am totally in favor of the white for peace. Kenyan’s need peace and hope for the future. My wife and I were living in Kenya during the post election violence in 2008. It was a gruelly experience of what can happen when a country looses hope.
    My prayers are definitely with the Kenyans as they vote on the new constitution.


  2. Found out your site via msn the other day and absolutely liked it so much. Carry on the truly amazing work.

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