Eldoret Parish Leaders Seminar

Teaching at pastors and leaders seminar

Getting encouaragement

Nothing should stop you from realizing your vision

Pastors and Leaders of Eldoret Parish gathered at my house for 3 days of teaching and spiritual refreshment.  I taught on the reasons why we give (i.e. tithes and offerings) and the responsibilities of pastors and of members in the ministry of the church.  We were privileged to have Bishop Nixon Dingili as one of the facilitators.  His teaching focused on encouragement to these leaders to persevere and continue doing God’s ministry even when there are discouragements and difficulties.  He stressed that we choose the attitude that we adopt when circumstances seem to be against us.  Also he taught how attitudes, values, standards, judgments, beliefs  and ethics determine behaviour and negative behaviour is only changed when these factors are evaluated and changed.  God’s spirit was particularly evident as Bishop Dingili asked participants to open their hearts to what God would have them do in relation to understanding themselves and how they react in various situations.

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3 Responses to Eldoret Parish Leaders Seminar

  1. lois huff says:

    I really enjoy your posts, Debbie. This sounds like a wonderful time of teaching and blessing.

  2. Keith Lohnes says:


    This is very encouraging to see how leadership development is taking place in the church. Blessings, Keith and Gael Lohnes

    • dhogeboom says:

      Thank you. God is doing his work as we look to the future. Keep checking out the post as I continue to add to Springs of Hope Development.

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