Nyama Choma – Who can Resist?

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When I arrived at the Leberio Free Methodist Church I observed what I think was the first for me – early arrive-rs!  Being on time is not a very common occurrence in the Kenyan setting, but I have to admit I was pleased and enthusiastic about the potential for the day’s mens meeting.  If some men had already arrived, then it was a strong possibility that there would be more.  Saturday was the Eldoret Parish’s first men’s meeting.  I have to confess that inviting the men for nyama choma couldn’t hurt.  Nyama choma (meaning roasted meat) is a Kenyan delicacy enjoyed by men (and women) across Kenya and is usually accompanied by a mug of strong brew.  What was to be offered instead was nyama choma with an encouraging word from Scripture.  Bishop Nixon Dingili was the key note speaker and we are grateful that he took time from his busy schedule to participate in the day’s events.  Indeed the day was a success as they first heard God’s word and were challenged to “light their candles” and to live their lives in such a way that would attract other men to ask what makes them different.  The food of the gospel was offered to the men as well as the nyama choma and some responded positively when opportunity was given to put Jesus  in control of their lives.  Following the meeting,  many of the men expressed appreciation for the chakula (food), both for the body and for the soul.  (And yes, I ate nyama choma too – a fringe benefit of being a pastor).

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