Computer Crashes and other Hazards

basement "prayer room"

I had the greatest blog planned to begin 2011 but my computer was “acting sick” at the end of the year and finally refused to open no matter all the coaxing.  Then I found myself in a hospital bed.  At that point, I had already given my computer to a fundi (technician) to fix.  When I was discharged from the hospital, he was able  to help me save my documents and contacts on a portable hard drive but I lost all my e-mails and the ability to transfer my pictures from the data card to the computer.  How disappointing and so, no 2010 review.

But, it is about time I posted a blog to bring you up to date on what God is doing in this part of the world.

God is blessing in Leberio and the church has set goals for 2011, to increase in attendance and in membership by 10%.  Pray for Pastor John Cheruiyot as he mobilizes the church to be salt and light in the community.  It is a relatively new community and many new people are moving to the area.

The Bud Hogeboom family celebrated our father’s 85th birthday in September.  His birthday gift: to finish a prayer room (the Shekinah Room) in the Springs of Hope College building.  Work has been continuing over the past month and the room should be near completion within the next 2 weeks – some work will be left undone so that 11 members of my family will have something to do on the room when they come in August!

Steel bars and roofing have been purchased but while the iron bars are ready for delivery, the roofing material (galsheet – coloured corregated iron sheets) are still on order.  The challenge at the moment is electricity to weld the iron bars to make the roof structure.   We trust that God will make a way for this work to be done very soon.  He knows our need even before we ask.

Finally, I am preparing to travel to Canada Tuesday, February 15.  I am not a great fan of the cold and snow but I am looking forward to seeing the beauty of God’s wonderful creation because there is no denying that fresh fallen snow is beautiful.  Pray for me as I have opportunity to share what God is doing in Kenya.

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2 Responses to Computer Crashes and other Hazards

  1. Reg Garratt says:

    Good to hear from you Debbie,

    My wife Cathy and I had some guests visiting us from N.Z. while we were back in Litein in Nov and Dec./2010 and we went up to see pastor Patrick at Nygacho.

    He invited us to come up one Sat. to share some treats with the children at his church —–it was good to see him again as it had been quite some time since connecting with him. God has certainly been faithful to Patrick and his family with all their input into the slums around them.

    While there I remembered our meeting you a few times over the 4 years we lived in Litein.
    We are now living in Taupo N.Z. and are volunteering at a Chr Ministry called Fatherheart.

    Hope you have a good visit in Canada.

    Blessings on you and your work up at Eldorit.

  2. lois huff says:

    So sorry with you about losing your data – that’s rough.

    Rejoice with you over a wonderful birthday present for your father. What an amazing idea.

    Will put February 15 on my prayer calendar. May you find receptive hearts as well as safety while you travel. Blessings!

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