The Shekinah Room

In celebration of my dad’s 85th birthday, it was decided to make a donation to a project in his name.  The idea was presented to me and I jumped at the chance to suggest the finishing of a basement room in the first phase of the Bible School construction at Eldoret.  All agreed and funds were given and the

tiled walls

work in progress

work started (and now almost finished).

The room was actually to be part of the foundation — to be filled in with gravel and land fill but when I was looking down on the room, before that could be done, I noticed that the man working on the outside was about the same height of the wall.  The wheels started turning and I began to wonder about the possibility of making that part of the construction into a room.  A member of our church, William, was standing by and commented – “that would make a great prayer room”. Several others were brought into the discussion and agreed so the following day, the engineer and architect were called to lend their expert opinions – it was a go!

Several names were suggested that emphasized prayer as being in the presence of God with the Shekinah Room as  the final choice.  As King Solomon dedicated the temple, the glory (shekinah) of the Lord filled the temple, so that the people could not go in.  It is our prayer that Springs of Hope College would be known as a place of prayer.



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3 Responses to The Shekinah Room

  1. Ruth Brackley says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your Dad . He and your late Mom raised a wonderful family!

  2. Rose Brewer says:

    That is beautiful! May it overflow with God’s glory!

  3. lois huff says:

    Thank you for sharing the pictures of this wonderful idea and beautiful tribute to you dad!

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