Kenyan Memories – Part 1

Eleven people, a bazillion suitcases, pool noodles, balls, various and sundry school supplies, shoes, dolls, not a few clothes and you might say, “everything but the kitchen sink” set out on the trip of a lifetime!

It will be a feeble attempt at best to capture the August 2011  travels of the Hogeboom family to Kenya.

welcome for breakfast!

Our first “tourist” event was a visit to the elephant orphanage in Nairobi.

Soccer Elephant (photo by Craig)

Kira petting baby elephant

Big Sister - Little Sister

In the afternoon of the day after we arrived, some went to visit Brenda, the sponsored child of Kira, at her home in Kawangware.  It was pouring rain as we made our way through the mud.  Others went to try to find the Craig’s lost luggage.

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2 Responses to Kenyan Memories – Part 1

  1. Reg Garratt says:

    Looks like fun Debbie

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