Family Memories – Kenya Part 2

Marilyn looks on as the door is broken

Sunday morning was eventful as the door to Marilyn and Brian’s room locked when it closed and no amount of coaxing could get the key to turn in the lock.  Nothing short of breaking into the room would allow them access to Brian’s sermon notes and their clothes for church.

We head off to Kawangware Free Methodist Church for an experience of African worship.

We had practiced – really!  The keyboardist decided to accompany us with great vigour – but with the wrong tempo and in the wrong key.  We tried again without his help in the 2nd song and actually didn’t sound too bad – the VonTrapp family we’re not.  Anyway, our worship is what comes from our hearts.

"Sing to the Lord"

Hearing from God's Word

Brian with translator

God working in the lives of individuals

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One Response to Family Memories – Kenya Part 2

  1. Reg Garratt says:

    Looks like a great Kenya experience.

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