the Crooked … Made Straight

Keriyo Valley Road

Not long ago I was discussing with a travel agent about getting a refund on a hired vehicle that wasn’t used for one of the days that it was needed.  She questioned me, did you go on any bad roads?  I began to describe the worst roads that we traveled on, then stopped dead in my tracks.  I turned the question on her, “Can you tell me any good roads in Kenya?”, I asked.  I had her, and she laughed in response.  Surely there are very few good roads in Kenya, some being more pot holes than actual road.

Now this would hardly seem like a Christmas theme.  However, as I began to think about the crooked being made straight, Isaiah 40:2  came to mind with God’s promise of a Messiah to deliver his people from their sin.

Now I am particularly fond of looking up even common words in the dictionary and so I did with the word “crooked” and found the meaning “Bent or twisted out of shape or out of place”, suggesting unscrupulous, fraudulent and corrupt.  We talk about “a crooked deal” or a criminal as a “crook”.

Now, here I am in Kenya where the most corrupt agency is the police whose by-word is “toa kitu kidogo” meaning “give me something small”.  The list goes on of corruption in Kenya but we are well aware that Kenya is not the only place.  It would seem that we all have a tendency to “bend out of shape”.

The shepherds rejoiced when the angel announced to them “… there is born to you this day, a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord!”  What wonderful news for we also have a Saviour who can deliver us from the bent to sinning.  Jesus came to “make the crooked road straight”.  This is the message of Christmas.

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One Response to the Crooked … Made Straight

  1. Myra Adamson says:

    I enjoyed your newsletter about “bent” and “crooked”. May God bless you in
    the New Year which is coming.
    Your old pal,

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