Special prayer request

Pray for Kenya as the International Criminal Court will make a statement  tomorrow on the outcome of the preliminary hearing for what has become known as the Ocampo Six.  One of the six is an MP for a riding in the Eldoret area.  Extra security has been put in place in Eldoret to control any potential violence that could erupt as a result of the announcement.  I am traveling to Nairobi today.

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4 Responses to Special prayer request

  1. marilyn says:

    we’ll be praying

  2. Esther Teal says:

    So you are back in Kenya! You must be related to Dr Esther Kuhn who I met in 1977 at Kibuye Hospital in Burundi!
    So glad you are able to be about your Father’s business in your adopted country that you love so dearly, serving the One who loves us so dearly!
    God’s richest blessings & protection on you and your brothers and sisters! -Esther T.

    • Debbie says:

      Hi Esther. I cam back in August. No, never met Dr. Kuhn and not related but I have heard of her – in fact I have some of her recipes but not even sure I came by them. Thanks for your prayers.

    • Ms Teal, I am trying to track down information on the founding of Kibuye Hospital in Burundi and would love any information you can give me on Dr Esther Kuhn. Thank you kindly, Carlan Wendler (kibuyehopehospital@gmail.com – I’m part of the team moving to work there.)

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