On Getting OLD…er

me on left – age 13

I remember getting old a long time ago. I had gone to youth camp to visit with the kids. I went looking for my brother's then girlfriend, (now his wife) who was a camp counselor and was told I could find her in the girls' dorm. When I got there I found it difficult to get into the dorm because it was one of the several times I was sporting an ankle to thigh cast. Seeing one of the girls at the door I asked her to get Heather for me. A few minutes later Heather appeared with a puzzled look on her face. "Oh, it's you" she said. "The camper told me an old lady wanted to see me". I was in my early twenties.I was enjoying a meal with a missionary family and some of their visitors at Kericho. A young man seemed to take an interest in me plying me with all kinds of questions. I began the story of how (and when) I began my missionary career. His face became clouded as he began to realize how old I must be - he thought I was 18! I was at least 42.Age is a number! And by God's grace I celebrate another decade. I must have been a fighter (my mother said I cried a lot as a baby) because I only weighed 2lb9oz. when I was born. I didn't stay tiny for long!For sure, God had a purpose for me! Through the active time of childhood and the tumultuous time of youth I was always conscious of God's call on my life to serve him. I remember how excited I was when our youth group travelled to Perth for a youth even! Just imagine all the way to Perth from Kingston.I can't walk like I used to when I was in Congo but surely God continues to give me strength for each day. For the most part, I am in good health. What I do is by God's grace.me with a Samburu lady

Sometimes I flash back to the memories of childhood days like picking wild strawberries in the woods on the way to school or shelling peas on the front porch.  And I give praise to God for his faithfulness.

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2 Responses to On Getting OLD…er

  1. Diana Combs says:

    I have decided that I will define being old as always ten years older than I am now. Close….but never quite there.

  2. lois huff says:

    Once when I was about 13 I was asked if I were the pastor’s wife.

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