Not by Accident

The events for the day were over.  We were gathering in the home of the pastor, but to me, it was as  though there was no one else in the room except Pastor Manasseh and me. He had caught my attention.   I am not usually very observant.  I watched as he took a soda, opened it and drank it without stopping until it was finished.  Within 5 minutes, I noticed that he had opened and was drinking a second soda. “This is odd,” I thought to myself.  Then, he poured himself a large glass of water.  Now, I just had to say something about how much he had drank.  He said that he just liked to drink water.  I said that he had just consumed quite a bit in a very little time and this is not normal.

Now the bishop was brought into the conversation mentioning that I had my glucometer with me and that the following morning I would check his blood sugar level.  I am diabetic and so his behaviour suggested to me that he might be diabetic.  At first Pastor Manasseh thought it was some kind of joke but when I explained the symptoms of diabetes and the implications for not getting treatment he became painfully serious.

The following morning Manasseh and his whole family were lined up to have me check their glucose levels.  He was the first to be tested and the number on the meter confirmed my suspicion.  The others were all within the normal range.  I discussed at length what Manasseh needed to do, the first being to see a doctor and get the course of treatment that he suggested.  I gave him some counsel concerning food and exercise.

Diabetes is becoming more common in Kenya although there are probably as many who have it and don’t know as there are those who know and are being treated.  Whenever I have opportunity I talk about diabetes.  Most diabetics only have their blood sugars checked every 2 – 3 months!

While I was in Uganda I had had opportunity to preach at a graduation of Bible School students and attend 2 meetings.  This was a great opportunity to minister.  It had been several years since I had gone to Uganda.  It wasn’t by accident that I had been invited to participate in the events of that particular weekend.  And it wasn’t by accident that my attention was drawn to Manasseh as he drank 2 sodas and a glass of water.  Manasseh believes that God had a purpose for me to be there, so that he could get help.  I believe that too!  It wasn’t by accident!!

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2 Responses to Not by Accident

  1. Diana Combs says:

    Debbie, How wonderful that you were so observent, and was able to help. Are there many children in Kenya that have Type 1 Diabetes? Diana

  2. Debbie says:

    I know of one. They are talking more about diabetes in the media so there are more people aware but most people don’t even know the signs. I am sure there are many children with Type 1 diabetes – just that they don’t know.

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