Taking a Step Backward

Question: What do the countries Malawi, Nigeria, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Jordan have in common?  Answer: Free Methodist missionaries who serve there.  March 3-6 we met together in Malinde, Kenya on the Indian Ocean for a retreat – a chance to step backward so that we could move forward.

We couldn’t help but praise God for the beauty of his creation which included sunrises over the Indian Ocean, fish and coral seen through a glass bottom boat (never mind that the viewing area was only about 3 by 5ft), chattering weaver birds and swaying coconut palms. 

In stepping back from the busyness of everyday, we had the opportunity for fellowship and God’s spirit to use us to minister to each other.  Doug and Margie Newton and Bishop David Kendall were used by God to speak to our hearts and minds to give us what we needed in our spirits.  What a wonderful time of refreshing we had so that as we return to our ministries we go in God’s strength.  Retreat for advancement!

effective and powerful prayer

 The teaching sessions gave us insight into the power of prayer and the spoken word.

Debbie, Steffi and Dean Babcock, Lois Meredith, and Babcock children

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