welding work

It was a little slow setting off from the starting block but now the construction is at a full run with the hope that the building will be at a place where we will be able to conduct the April 2012 session of Bible School.  Most of the supplies have been ordered and delivered to the site.  Fundi ya ujenzi(builders) have been on the site since last week to put in the ceiling, and to make the window and door grills.

bricks for the new kitchen

Even the workers are excited as they build our Bible School. Rev. Tobias Omondi, a district superintendent and a master welder is giving his time and work freely as a gift to the Bible School.  Rev. Martin Anami, a conference superintendent is overseeing the entire project.

Next week an adjacent building that will serve as the kitchen will be built and the floor tiles will be laid in the main building.  Outside facilities will also be constructed to be used as toilets and bathrooms as there is no water yet to the building — this will be the next big project — to get water into the building and to construct a septic tank.

steel and timber - building materials

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One Response to AT A FULL RUN

  1. Keith and Gael Lohnes says:

    Great news. Thanks. ! God bless
    Keith and Gael

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