The Adventure Begins

deliveries made - ready to go!

The first rule a missionary must learn is to be patient and flexible — neither of which come easy to me.  Last week on the occasions that I visited the site where the last “minute” touches were being made to prepare for the opening of the Bible school modular sessions that would begin today, I was “cautiously optimistic”.  Mattresses, whiteboards, desks, benches, solar lamps had all been delivered in anticipation for today.  There was work yet to be done but I was assured that all would be done and everything would be set in order.


setting in the window panes

Yesterday when I went to see the progress I found that there was still much to do.  One student had already arrived and by evening 25 of the 30 were already there – excited and ready to study.  In the meantime construction work was still going on.

Springs of Hope has gotten of to a “shaky start” but it has started and for this we thank God.  In the words of one student — “this is our school”

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2 Responses to The Adventure Begins

  1. vickiereynen says:

    HOPING THINGS go well these next two weeks Deb. I’m sure the students are more than excited to have a “school of their own”! Be blessed….Vickie

    • Debbie says:

      Yes – they are very excited and even though it is less than ideal, the most often repeated comment is “we are home”. We had a great first day!

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