Celebrate Graduation

Preparing for the procession

Saturday, April 28 marked a historic point in the life of the Free Methodist Modular Bible School as the first graduation was celebrated at Springs of Hope College Campus – Eldoret!  And indeed, how we celebrated!

 Partitions had been removed from the classroom to make more space.

the first graduation in Eldoret

Family and friends of the graduates, members of Eldoret Parish, many district leaders, the 2 conference superintendents gathered to share in the celebration.

Rev. Jim Kesselring using a boxing illustration

Rev. Jim Kesselring was the graduation speaker.  He  warned the graduates to be aware of the challenges that they would face in ministry and his boxing illustration demonstrated the offensive and defensive nature of how to face these challenges.

Bishop Dingili prays as students are sent to serve


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4 Responses to Celebrate Graduation

  1. vickiereynen says:

    Very exciting Debbie! What a great accomplishment. So thankful God has been faithful.

  2. Debbie says:

    It couldn’t have happened without Him!

  3. Harriet Bolodar says:

    I rejoice with you Debbie. You have been such a faithful, loyal, hard working, visionary for and with the Lord. Praise Him. Keep on keeping on. Harriet Bolodar

  4. Debbie says:

    Thank you Harriet. It is a journey of faith and God has shown himself faithful when we follow him.

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