A Lesson on Teamwork

The foundation is being laid for a new complex which will house a kitchen, a teacher’s room and an apartment on the 2nd floor.  I watched the process for sometime today as

everyone doing his part

Martin gave instructions to the workers and the foundation wall was being set in place.  It became apparent to my untrained eyes that without the co-ordination and cooperation of every man on the building crew, no progress could be made.  There was a man to fill the wheelbarrow with the cement, sand, stone dust mixture what he had mixed.  There was a man bringing the stones from the pile beside the foundation.  There was man setting the stone into the form for the foundation wall.  There was a man to pour in the cement mixture and another who was packing in the cement around the stones set in the wall.  And indeed, progress has been made since this building phase began.

Working together

What a real and practical picture of what the church should look like.  Imagine what could be accomplished when we are all working together, everyone doing his part.

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One Response to A Lesson on Teamwork

  1. Reg Garratt says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Debbie——-working together is what it is all about.I believe.

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