Bikers and Breakfast

fuel for the road

Bikers rode into the City of Champions.  Eldoret, known worldwide for its record-breaking marathon runners, saw a different athletic team as 10 cyclists arrived at Leberio yesterday evening at the site of Springs of Hope College.  They had cycled their farthest yet on their 5th day of this biking event.   After supper, and devotions the cyclist and support team made their beds in two rooms of the college facilities — “kinda like camping out” one person commented as they unpacked their gear including air mattresses and sleeping bags.  Solar powered lanterns to provide lighting were put to good use.

This morning all went to the proposed site of the Free Methodist Secondary School.  The bikers’ purpose for their cycling circuit which started

in Nairobi taking them to South Rift, Nyanza, Western and North Rift and back to Nairobi, was to raise funds to buy property and to erect an ICCM secondary school.

sitting in the living room.

Their next stop would be at my house for breakfast.     Coffee was in plenty and flowed freely.  There were some 17 people eating breakfast in the dining and living rooms.

 These bikers are determined — they put their whole heart into the opportunity to raise funds for the secondary in Eldoret.  This will be a stepping stone to the Springs of Hope College.

Bishop Dingili will lead them


Going to hit the trail

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One Response to Bikers and Breakfast

  1. Lois Huff says:

    We talked about this trip at our annual conference yesterday! So very exciting!

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