How I Spent my Vacation

I remember when I was in school (years ago) and after the summer vacation, upon returning to school our first writing assignment was to report the events of those 2 months of holidays.  I thought it might be a good writing exercise to recount the activities of my most recent time home.

This may not sound too exciting, but immediately  (as in the first morning) after arriving, I had an appointment at a sleep clinic for an initial assessment and 4 days later I went for the “sleep over”.  By 2 in the morning the evidence was enough to know that I would need a CPAP machine.  I have what is known as severe sleep apnea.  It is not uncommon for a person to stop breathing a few times for a few seconds throughout the night but I stopped breathing as often as 95 times in one hour!  An appointment was made for a follow-up visit with the doctor who wrote a prescription and directed me to where I could purchase a CPAP machine.  I got the machine and I can report that I have been sleeping much better since using it.  Thanks to my family who decided to give me this as a Christmas present last year.  Time and money weren’t enough to get the battery that I would be able to use here in Kenya when I travel to areas where there is no power but hopefully next time I am home I will be able to get this.

I had a good visit with my endocrinologist in Kingston.  A1C – good, blood pressure — good,  oops – cholesterol needs a little help, but overall, she was pleased and so was I.

Kira and Tracy

If you have a 60th birthday in January and a surprise 60th birthday in June – does that make you 120?  My oldest niece, Tracy, organized for the party to be at my brother and sister-in-law’s house (Steve and Janice).   What fun after my immediate family finished up a delicious barbeque lunch to see aunts and uncles, and cousins and 2nd cousins walking up the drive.  Friends also came from the church including missionary Linda Stryker who was in the Kingston area.  Some people I hadn’t seen in years!  I shared the birthday party with my brother who turned 50 the same day that I turned 60 and with an uncle who turned 90 in June.

Siblings, nieces, nephews with Dad and Phyllis – photo by Taylor Clark Photography (Ben Hogeboom and Steph Matthews)

Next stop – Ottawa!  My frequent visits to Ottawa in the past were usually to

Invoking patriotic feelings

visit  embassies to secure visas for African countries.  This time Ottawa was a tourist destination!  After a visit to Arlington Woods FMC where my brother is pastor, I went with Tracy to her adorable apartment near downtown.  I had a chance to spend some quality time with my niece as well as visit Byward Market. 2 shopping malls and of course Parliament Hill.

I travelled safely back to Kenya this past Tuesday and arrived at my Eldoret home on Friday with happy memories of my vacation (and other stuff).

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