Paint and a Happy Dance

The adventure of the Peterborough/Uxbridge team began with me at the hardware store.  In two days, I spent 4 hours at the hardware store (no paint stores in Kenya) buying paint and having it mixed.  It was actually quite interesting, sitting on the high stool that was given to me, watching the customers who came into the store.  For some reason the paint mixer wasn’t working as it should so the colours had to be added manually and mixed rather than according to the computer’s specifications.  I even got to see “a happy dance” as the man who mixed the paint realized that he was getting close.  I finally arrived home with all the paint we need in the colours I wanted.

back row – Lee Perry, Amanda Donaldson, Charles Jardin front row — Susan Jackson, Cindy Jardin

Sarah Schaefer, Regina Eng

 The seven member team will arrive July 10 in Kenya.  They will paint in the Springs of Hope Bible School building, visit a village, conduct a women’s seminar, engage Leberio children in activities, build a perimeter wall, and visit a safari park.

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