The Canadians have Landed


Cindy feeding the giraffe


smallest elephants wear Maasai blankets to keep them warm – they are susceptible to pneumonia


women decorate sewing kit bags with fabric paint – very creative

The  Peterborough/Uxbridge team are here.  The first and only day to see anything in Nairobi was spent at the elephant orphanage. and the Giraffe Centre  Baby elephants orphaned often through poaching are brought here to be raised by surrogate mothers (their keepers) who attend to their needs 24/7.  After 3 years at the orphanage, the elephants are gradually introduced into the wild until they have fully adapted to their new environment.

On Friday afternoon we travelled 1 1/2 hours to Shiru where Saturday we would conduct a women’s seminar.  God used the women from Canada to minister to Kenyan women pastors, women’s leaders and wives of pastors.

Leading singing at Shiru

Lee Perry and Charles Jardin


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2 Responses to The Canadians have Landed

  1. Janna says:

    Hi Debbie! So excited to see this post. Steve and I were at the Peterborough FM church for two years and he spoke at the PFMC retreat at Wesley Acres this spring. It is so neat to see pictures of our friends here on the blog. Say “hi” to them from us. And, of course, “Hi’ to you and everyone else in Kenya too!

    • Debbie says:

      I will pass your greetings to them. We head to Kericho tomorrow, then Masaai Mara. Hope camp went well. Maybe we can Skype next year!

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