Sunday at Leberio

The Peterborough/Uxbridge team ministered to and worshipped with the Leberio Free

Preaching — Stretcher bearers

Methodist Church on  Sunday.

Charles Jardin brought a message of encouragement and challenge – Stretcher bearers!

There were lots of children to entertain after the service.

lots of children to entertain

After the service we stopped for food that we could eat in the car and headed to the only

Chebloch Gorge

“tourist” attraction near Eldoret – Chebloch Gorge!  While travelling there we passed the small town of Iten which is famous for the Kenyan long-distance training camps.

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2 Responses to Sunday at Leberio

  1. harry meyer says:

    Some of this looks familiar.Harry

    • Debbie says:

      Wait until I post the pictures of the work they did! Looks really nice, I will be back in Eldoret next week some time and will answer your e-mail

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