A Visit at Light and Life Academy — Kericho

As we entered the school compound, cheers of welcome erupted from the students who had been waiting for our arrival.  It was just a little overwhelming for all, including me.  Immediately, the students went into the church and the team followed.  A wonderful program had been prepared and we didn’t want to miss a minute of it.

So cute!

The smallest children, ages 2 – 3 years old, presented first, singing and reciting a memory verse.  followed by other classes and the school choir.  A play was presented complete with backdrop which the children themselves placed in position.  The message of the play was “Children obey your parents”.

having gone to the provincial level

The dancers have gone 3 times to the provincial level of school competition and hope one day to make it to the national level where the provinces compete for the prize.  They were such a joy to watch and I found myself moving to the rhythm of the beat pounded out by boys on 20 liter water containers.

The team presented soccer balls and school supplies to the school and they presented us with what else, tea!  Kericho is known for its tea.  Then we got a taste of Kericho tea as we were treated to tea, cookies and home roasted groundnuts (peanuts).  A short tour of the classrooms followed before we set off to where we would spend the night.

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