the beauty of the Masaai Mara Savannah

Early morning on the Mara – time for breakfast 

Most people think that a safari is a trip to an exotic place in Africa or India, riding on camels or seeing wild animals but  “safari” is a Swahili word which means “journey or trip”.   A trip to the Masaai Game Reserve qualifies, in some people’s view as, “going on Safari”.

“Elephant Crossing”

Wildebeest and Zebra gather before crossing the Mara River

What goes up must come down!

In the 16 years that our guide had been travelling to Masaai Mara, he had never seen lions in a tree!! Three adult lions had climbed into the tree and this young cub made its way up to join the others — problem — he had to climb down.  That wasn’t quite as easy.  Hugging the tree for his dear life, he slowly and gingerly  backed down  to the ground to join the other cubs..

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