Either it Will ,,, OR ,,, it Won’t

Some of the memories I have of my mother involve the quirky sayings she used to say. When I asked my sisters to help me recall some of these sayings, the one they remembered the most, and the one that keeps resurfacing  in my memory is,  “either it will or it won’t”.

When faced with the daunting task of entertaining as many as 40 visitors at our Bible School facility for 3 days, I  almost had a meltdown.  Preparations included filtering drinking water, collecting and storing water for bathing, purchasing adequate food supplies and organizing for cooks, cleaning rooms  and arranging for sleeping places (which would be mattresses on the floor).

This would be the first such event at our Eldoret venue and I wanted it to be a success but I was overwhelmed almost to the brink of panic.  “What ifs” and disaster scenarios haunted me in the night as I tried to sleep.  Truly, this was too much for me.  Then, out of the blue, my mother’s quirky saying came to me – “either it will, or it won’t”.

Rather than embracing a fatalistic philosophy that any attempt to plan and prepare was futile as the events would take their own course, I was released from the panic of perfectionism that had gripped me.  Instead, “either it will or it won’t” took on a new meaning – put it in God’s hands and while I do my part, I allow God to take my best efforts to bring the plan to completion.   I felt like a great burden had been lifted off my shoulders.

It is hard to let go and allow God to take control when we (or rather I) have such a strong desire to be in control.   When I give God control, it means I trust him to give direction to my life and circumstances.  I can still make choices as in obedience to him, he comes along side me with his encouragement and guidance.  Didn’t James say – true wisdom comes from God.  Jesus said,  “Don’t worry”.  When we worry we actually demonstrate the opposite of “either it will or it won’t”.

My  mother also liked the song, “Don’t Worry – Be Happy”.

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4 Responses to Either it Will ,,, OR ,,, it Won’t

  1. as above says:

    This is a thought/truth that we all need at times…thank you for expressing it so well.

  2. Carolyn McLeod says:

    Great message Debbie, I remember your mother so well ~ she was one of my favourite aunts as I was growing up!! Carolyn

  3. Reg Garratt says:

    Thank-you Debbie,

    For these words of wisdom. A lot of frustrations could be handled much better by adopting this saying. I like it . I might just have to adopt it for one of my own sayings–I hope your mother won’t mind .

  4. Barb Stillman says:

    Thanks for your good words!!! In the midst of moving it is good to remember that He gives us wisdom and strength and is with us all the time even when we feel that the task is too big for us. (I’m grateful that in our case we don’t have a set day when we must walk out.)

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