A Few Detours Along the Way

     Have you ever felt like you were going about 6 different directions at the same time?  If you never have, ask me, and I might try to tell you though it is a little difficult to articulate.  Maybe that is why I haven’t posted anything for some time now as I try to figure out just what and where is next.  It surely isn’t for lack of something to say.  I usually don’t have that problem.


Where it all began

I need to begin, I think,  with the construction of the gate since that was the project that was started in 2011 when my family came to visit Kenya and to complete the Shekina room.  The gate was to have been done by a member of the extended family but he became ill just 2 weeks before the trip.  Funds had been raised but the gate process was delayed since every time the  welder came to the building site, he was given “urgent” work in order to complete the main building that was needed if we were to begin the Bible School sessions as planned in 2012.  Doors and window grills were the first priority as the wall where the gate would be positioned was not complete (and still isn’t).

The main gate was made in July this year and stands ready to be placed at the entrance when the wall is up.  (a picture of the gate is at the top of this page).  A smaller pedestrian gate in the wall at a later time will complete the work.


Beginning the 2nd building

The Bible School sessions were moved to the new school site near Eldoret in April 2012 but it quickly became apparent that the space for students was not adequate so a decision was made, when funds became available, to begin a second, brick building adjacent to the almost finished first building.

The next blog will give you more details of the exciting progress on this building which is almost complete to the point where it can be used except for windows, doors. flooring and finished walls.

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