Waffles Anyone?

inspiration for construction waffles

As the truck was being loaded with materials that would be needed for the upper floor slab on the brick building, the driver commented on the supplies that would be transported.  According to him, there was a new construction technique that would save costs and give a finished product on the inside of the building.  The driver gave us the contact for the contractor who had set up operation in Eldoret.

After visiting the site, the contractor with Rev. Martin and Bishop Nixon gave the cost estimates for all the materials required, arranged for delivery of the waffles and set the time when he would be at the site to supervise and train the workers for the installation of the waffles and completion of the slab.

brick building with main building behind

brick building with main building behind

It was exciting as the waffles were delivered to the building site.

The work is complete on the brick building except the finishing work (floor and walls), window grills and doors and glass.  When the doors and windows are placed, the building will be to the point where it can be used, giving more space for students and teachers.

not the edible kind

not the edible kind


supporting structure for upper floor slab

Just add paint and "voila"

Just add paint and “voila”

Construction almost complere

Construction almost complere

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