Not far … Just around the next corner …

I have taken many road trips in Kenya.  Often as I travel, especially long distances, I enjoy the company of passengers who keep me company and help me to find the way to my destination.  It is a great time to chat and build my knowledge of Kenyan culture, politics and geography. Generally, it is an enjoyable experience watching the scenery as it whizzes past and from time to time observing wild animals grazing along the road.

However, time begins to drag when the safari (kiswahili for trip) continues for an overly lengthy and unanticipated period of time without seeming to get any nearer to the stopping point.  And, we have all heard the phrase “how much farther”, and the inevitable reply will always be “we are getting close … it is just around the next corner.”

“Just around the next corner”

Expectantly, we round the bend in the road with hope, looking for the town or village to which we are headed.  We may keep driving another 45 minutes and again ply the question “are we there yet”?

“Just around the next corner … almost there.”

I can’t help but compare these “long” trips to the building process.  We seem so close to being finished but completion also seems to be such a long way off.  There are just too many corners to count but we are making headway and we praise God for the move forward.   Slowly by slowly, we will get the last corner and arrive at the destination — at least in this phase.  Work begins on Monday to tile the floors and we trust that funds will be sufficient to complete the buildings in time for the dedication in December.  Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers.  God always provides so that we can continue the journey.

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