Texture and Colour


Kenya is known throughout the world for its champion long-distance runners and particularly Eldoret,  is known as “the City

of Champions”  as most of these marathoners originate from here.  So … it is not hard for me to compare the building marathon or maybe more like a relay, to the building process at the Free Methodist Bible School otherwise known as Springs of Hope College located 13 kilometers from the town of Eldoret.


There is excitement in the air as the first main building nears completion.

I am not an artist but I couldn’t help but be  struck yesterday by the textures and colours as everything started to come together — very striking to the eye.

The final picture will be brought into focus when the classroom furniture are put in place.

 The final push to complete the main building is on and the work is nearing completion to be ready in time for its dedication on December 8.   We are nearing the finishing line.

waffle ceiling ready for paint

flowers to add colour to the grounds

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  1. jkesselring@sympatico.ca says:

    Looks good!! JIm Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 02:15:59 +0000 To: jkesselring@sympatico.ca

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