A Request for prayer from Bishop Dingili


“For such a time as this”, pray for your brothers and sisters in Kenya as they hurt and seek for divine intervention from God

It is a dark Monday morning in Kenya as the country mourns the death of more than 50 Kenyans who were gunned down by more than 50 armed militia men who attacked Mpeketoni town residents which is in Lamu County in the coastal region in Kenya.

The mayhem was started at 8 pm when the militia attacked the town killing people aimlessly.  They started by attacking the police station but because of t e gangs’ big number, they out powered the policemen with their sophisticated weapons.  Key installations in the town were set ablaze including burning 2 banks, 2 petrol stations, many lorries, several public transport vans, police vehicles and they later walked from house to house killing people at will and burning down houses after their killings. The residents and the entire country are extremely terrified.

People are aching, a lot of insecurity and people losing hope of where our country is headed to.  Many are asking themselves, do we have a government? Distress call was made at 9pm and reinforcement came at 1am after the militia had disappeared.

This is an area where we have 4 Free Methodist churches, friends and relatives.  Our churches were not attacked but our people are affected. Join us in prayer for our country and for God to strengthen our members as we seek Gods’ counsel.

It is with a heavy heart as I write this, we will appreciate your prayers

Bishop Nixon Dingili

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2 Responses to A Request for prayer from Bishop Dingili

  1. Harrietbolodar.davenport says:

    Dear Debby,Thank you for sharing this urgent need. I will pray with you for these people. I am changing my email address to harrietbolodar.davenport@gmail. The bless and hold you close. Love, Harriet

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