Map of Kenya

Map of Kenya

I never imagined when I was a little girl that God would call me to the ends of the earth but that is exactly what he has done.  I have served in Kenya as a missionary with the Free Methodist Church since 1994; it hardly seems possible.  Until 2005 I was a lecturer at Kenya Highlands Bible College in Kericho.  After a brief time in Canada, in 2006, I returned to live in Eldoret where I have made my ministry base to work in leadership development and Christian education in the FMCK (Free Methodist Church, Kenya)  I take this opportunity to invite you to partner with me through prayer, support and participating in a work-team to Kenya. 

Kenya is a country in East Africa, bordered by the countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania and to the east, the Indian Oceon.  The people are made up of 45 ethnic groups.  The official language is English and the national language is Swahili. 

Eldoret, in Rift Valley Province, is the 5th largest city in Kenya located 30 degrees north of the equator but at anelevation about 7000ft.  For those who are long distance runners you might be interested in knowing that many marathon training camps are in the Eldoret area. 

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9 Responses to About

  1. Marilyn Bertrim says:

    great blog deb. luv from your sis

  2. Maureen Adams says:

    Great to have prayer updates, will be praying for your cataract surgery, and also to have current info to share with your Harrowsmith F. M. Church Family. Wonderful to see you the first of June!Looking forward to seeing you again at Family Camp.

  3. Brian Bertrim says:

    Good blog, Deb. I especially like the picture at the top of the page .. just be careful not to step backwards!

  4. dhogeboom says:

    Tracy was with me at Lake Nakuru. She might have even taken the picture.

  5. harboursinvanuatu says:

    From one missionary to another, Go for GOD!!!! good to read about God’s work in Kenya.

  6. caroline says:

    good blog!

  7. Lois Huff says:

    praying with you for a work of the Holy Spirit among the pastors and leaders in Kenya

  8. Hey Deb,

    …need a decent current picture of you to remind the folks here of who you are. Will you post one? We pray for you weekly in our morning service.

    • dhogeboom says:

      Do you want me to post it on this site or e-mail you a recent picture? I can do that. So, when is Uxbridge coming to Kenya – we need builders – the next stage is the roof?

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