Prayer requests

Updated April 29, 2016

1)  Thank you for your prayers and support.  Pray that the funds needed to allow me to serve in Kenya will continue to be sufficient.

2) Praise God for the opportunity to serve at Kenya Highlands University with former students and other dedicated lecturers and staff.

3)  Praise God for the opportunity for Free Methodist pastors to meet for retreat earlier this week  at Leberio.  Praise God for the way God’s Spirit spoke to those gathered there.  Pray that what was taught will continue to work in the hearts of those who heard and that they would be not only hearers of the Word but doers also.   Pray for Jerry Coleman and John Adams as they share at an Africa Gospel Church evangelists training session at Sosiot.

4)  Please pray for transformed hearts and lives that the church would truly reflect Jesus to the world.  Pray for leaders of various departments and at all levels to set priorities in their personal lives and ministry that put God first.  This is an ongoing prayer request that I will not remove from this page as I anticipate God’s answer to this prayer.

5)   Pray for new bishop, Hawkins Mugaya, and for the Free Methodist Church in Kenya.

6) Pray for former bishop, Nixon Dingili and his family.



10 Responses to Prayer requests

  1. Keith Lohnes says:


    You are often in our prayers. We look forward to hearing from you once you arrive at Eldoret. Esther is still with us. I was able to get a Kenya Christian radio station on internet for her, so she is delighted to get news from back home and listen to local programming from Nairobi.


    Keith and Gael

  2. Debbie this is my first time to read about your work there,but I will endever to pray for your work ! I was raised Free Methodist but have been Pilgrim Holiness for last 30 years I felt a call to Africia from early childhood but,have thus far not been able to go there, but prayer can reach where we cannot go! God Bless you and your work for the Salvation of Souls! Rev.Pat Wooten

  3. dhogeboom says:

    Hi Pat — thank you for joining me through the avenue of prayer. If you would like, you can e-mail me at

  4. Nixon Dingili says:

    Praise the Lord for this powerful way of sharing praises and prayer requests. As a result of this, God is answering prayer in an amazing way.

  5. Nixon dingili says:

    Praise the Lord for the good work. I am looking forward to seeing the great work that the team has done on the site, as far as their work on the souls, we will see the change inthe lives of our members, God bless

  6. Nixon Dingili says:

    Surely, the Lord is at work in the FMCK, we can count the blessings as we trust Him to do even more. Thank you debbie for allowing God to use you as an instrument in His vineyard, may all the glory and honor go back to Him.

  7. Thank Lord i have come for the first time across your blog and i infer it will no longer across but stay over every time i get the opportunity and will power. I thank Lord that since i met you in 1998 as my Theology instructor at Kericho i think that you are too aged but wonderful YOU are still strong and builder.
    I here want to do three lines of sentences on the following
    1. I pray to you to reach God’s destiny to your life-changing Kenya etc.
    2. I request the instruction on only the ‘rules of the teacher’ from teaching
    subject, through my box 3685 Dodoma Tanzania.
    3. Some day we will visit you to learn how you Kenyans do the work of
    the Lord like that, so as we can learn how to do by ourselves. especially
    as we are going to be given a Full Conference this year.

  8. Colette (McFarlane) Wales says:

    Hi Debbie:

    We have just finished looking at your blog updates. We like to know what’s going on so we can pray for you during our family devotions. We are following your updates on Springs of Hope college with interest.

    You are in our prayers.

  9. Woman of God.
    I pray that the Spring college be succeciful to the height of accomodating even students from Tanzania and all over as the Hope UNiversity branch. God will provide us to provide for it

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