Springs of Hope – Development

Updated September 12, 2012

 Praise God for the ongoing work of building.  The first phase of a 3 building complex is nearing completion with finishing work now on the exterior.  Immediate needs are for water which means a pump for the well, and water tanks.  If we could get electricity, an electric pump would help.  Also, some source of power is needed to assist students as they work in the evening.  (Being so close to the equator, it gets dark around 6pm.)  The solar lamps that are currently being used are not adequate for sustained use.  In addition to water, there is also a need for a septic tank.

There are two buildings in progress.  The main building which is one of 3 buildings and a  brick building which is 2 story and will serve to house teachers.   Space is a challenge as all of the current building is used for a classroom and “dorm” for  the men.  During the last Bible School session, women slept in the unfinished bathroom while we wait for water and a septic tank and electricity and the brick building to have the upper floor slab to be poured.

April Bible School Session in Eldoret?! The Bible School property development committee met to plan the steps for completion of the present building under construction with the hope to have it finished and ready for use by April 2012.The Shekinah Room (prayer room) was dedicated in August and is ready for use.  There are a few “touch-ups” to do in the immediate future and furnishings to purchase.

The next stages are to complete the roof detailing, put in doors and windows, finish the ceilings (much needed because classes would otherwise need to be stopped when it is raining), wall finishing – this would be to shellac the beautiful stone which will NOT be plastered over and the flooring – probably tile or possibly terrazzo.

Further to the actual building is the need to get water from the well into the building which includes a submersible water pump, water tanks, plumbing and septic tank.  As there is water on the premises this is not an urgent priority but definitely a requirement in the process.  The cost for a septic tank is roughly $7000.  Also the power lines are close to the building.  An application for power has been submitted to the electricity company but before power is brought to the building, the wiring must be completed.  The estimate for the wiring and installation of electricity is $3000.

Phew!  The building process is complicated and as I am learning, expensive, but nevertheless, we are so excited by what God is doing!  God he has confirmed his will in this project many times over as he has supplied what is needed just when we need it.  Thank you for your participation.

roof from a distance

Updated May 25, 2011


These are the most recent pictures of the progress of construction of Springs of Hope College Phase One.

With the completion of the roof now work can begin on the doors and windows so that school furniture can be put in place and be secure.  Pray that  there will be funds to continue the work.  Pray with us as we plan to begin Bible School at this new location.

ready for doors and windows

maroon roof brings out the red stone

entrance to Shekinah Room


Kenya Free Methodist Modular Bible School

One year after the Free Methodist Church was started in Kenya, the Free Methodist Modular Bible School began, in April 1995 at Londiani with 8 students. For 6 years the school sessions were held in different places: Londiani, Kericho, Shiru and Sitotwet. Since 2001, the school has held its sessions at the Light and Life Academy, a Free Methodist Primary School in Kericho.
The school trains its students with courses that will give them doctrinal and theological knowledge as well as practical skills to assist them as they serve in their churches and other areas of ministry.  The 2 year modular sessions, meeting for 2 weeks in April, August and December are supplemented with required TEE (Theological Education by Extension) courses during the intervening time between session.

Joyous celebration

Everyone with a call to minister in the Free Methodist Church are required before ordination to complete the program.

Looking to the Future

The Bible School has been limited by space and time.  The maximum number of students is limited to 32 (2 classes) which the present venue can accommodate.  Also, only a modular program can be offered as the sessions can only be held during the time when the primary school is closed for break.

Site of Springs of Hope College

On Oct 3, 2008, a 3 1/2 acre parcel of land was purchased 13km from Eldoret town, in a strategic location across from the Eldoret International Airport.  A stream on the edge of the property and stands of indigenous trees provide a beautiful setting for students, staff and visitors to enjoy.

Springs of Hope College will introduce a 3 year dipoma program to meet the needs of the Kenya Church.  This program will be integrated with Hope Africa Univeristy in Burundi, allowing diploma graduaates to earn a degree at HAU.  The modular program will continue to allow for the training of students who do not qualify for the diploma program or who are unable toattend a residential school.

Kenyan Initiatives

Two Kenyan initiatives were launched to encourage participation and ownership of the Bible School development project:

Kenyan work teams and

We may not have money but we can work

Buy a Brick for the Bible School”   Both have seen Kenyans get involved in developing their property and school.

Ground Breaking

Bishop Nixon Dingili launched the 1st phase of the building project with a ground breaking ceremony on January 31, 2010

a prayer of dedication

Construction begins

basement “prayer room”

Work began on Feb. 1 with the digging of the foundation by hand.  Pick axes and sledge hammers were the main tools put in use.  The goal was to have the foundation completed before the work team from Athens would arrive since their task in the building process would be to construct the walls.  With the support of the Athens workteam along side  Kenyan workers the wall was almost complete by the time the Athens team left Eldoret.

Once this structure is complete, we will be able to begin have Bible School sessions in this facility.  The most immediate need is for a roof, followed by windows and doors.

complete to ring beam

Putting on the roof

As well, the property could be used for conferences and retreats.  Presently, church facilities are used for conferences when the number of people attending are not large or high school facilities are rented for retreats but it is anticipated that as the church in Kenya grows and as facilities are available at the Leberio property. that conference and retreats would be able to be held on the Eldoret property using the multi-story construction.  As well, a women’s workshop and a youth “poly-technic” would also be constructed on the property.  Students in the women’s and youth programmes would take advantage of the Bible School programme.

Big Dream “With God all things are possible” – Long Term Plan (Click on underlined words to see site plan and phase one.)

SITE PLAN The building that is currently under construction will begin as the Bible School, however as the site develops and the construction of the multi-story college proceeds to where classes and dormitories are adequate, this first building will become a guest house along with the adjoining buildings.     Phase one

“The Harambee Spirit”

Harambee means to “pull together”  and was coined to express the pulling together of people who are working to accomplish a great project that no one individual could do.   I believe that as God enables and as we pull together this great project will be accomplished.  The most immediate need is to roof the current structure.  This will cost approximately $7000.  Additional work costs include

Phase One cost estimates to complete (by priority)

Roofing $7150
Doors $1790
Windows $3575
Plumbing $2679
Electrical installation and fittings $3575
Ceiling and joists $1790
Internal wall and floor finish $5805
External wall finish $1350
sundries $895
Architect/engineer fees  (balance) $895
total $29504
Phases Two and Three (about $50,000 each) $100,000
Other buildings
Kitchen and dining hall $124,164
Main college buildings – includes dorms, classrooms, chapel, library, administration block (all multi-level) $452,300
Workshop $64,000
Lecture hall $64,000
Septic tank and drainage $70,547

All estimates may change due to exchange rates and inflation


4 Responses to Springs of Hope – Development

  1. Nixon Dingili says:

    I love this blog, thanks for the information given, May God bless this ministry greatly.

  2. Pingback: 2010 in review | Debbie's Kenya UpDate Weblog

  3. Keith Lohnes says:

    Debbie, Gael and I have just been visiting with Garry and Vera Schoolcraft who are visiting us from Vermont. I have been showing your blog…. sharing memories of Clarencevillem, etc. God bless you.

    Keith Lohnes

  4. Debbie says:

    How amazing is that? I was just thinking about Garry and Vera today! Have a great time. Wish I could be there.

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